The city of Córdoba, referred to as the heart of Argentina, has been known throughout history for its numerous industrial, touristic, and commercial developments. Also, Córdoba is recognized for its diverse cultural development. Furthermore, Córdoba stands out for its various educational possibilities. The presence of its numerous universities continues to attract a diverse population of students looking for a rich upper level education experience.

In this aspect, there are many other institutions that contribute to the educational process of children, adolescents, and adults in Córdoba. These institutions, including Oxford, present different possibilities for cultural and artistic development. Oxford Idiomas is ideally located near the center of the city, making it an excellent location to learn languages.

Our activities at Oxford Idiomas started in 1980 with the education of the English language and have continued to grow and expand over the years, becoming well-known in its neighborhood of Alta Córdoba. As a response to the increasing demand of languages in our society and the profuse presence of exchange students and tourists in our community, we have enriched our program by incorporated Italian, Portuguese, and German courses, as well as Spanish courses for foreign students.

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