Spanish for foreign students

Oxford Idiomas has been developing language courses in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, and French for more than 20 years. The Spanish Courses for Foreign Students have been introduced gradually in the last few years due to the increasing presence of foreigners who come to our city looking for a unique learning experience.

At Oxford Idiomas we offer Spanish courses for all different ages and levels. Students may choose to take individual or group courses at a regular or intensive pace. In other words we develop our programs taking into consideration our students’ actual needs. In fact, designing “tailor-made courses” is our objective.

Our program strives to create a full language immersion by starting to build a foundation of vocabulary and language. Each practice session is placed in real situations, requiring students to communicate in Spanish. On top of the classroom activities, students learn aspects of our language and culture through cultural trips and recreational activities as well. Córdoba is conveniently located on the outskirts of the Sierra Mountains. This proximity allows our students to have access to a unique lifestyle which demonstrates many ancient Argentine family traditions that can be hard to find in today’s culture..

Our courses are made to offer students a variety of experiences in the Spanish language. They are taught in three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The grammar aspects of our courses also help to complete our goal: to have our students speak and use Spanish correctly and with confidence. Course activities include work with our own materials which are prepared exclusively for each level, including texts, videos, and music. Students are asked to perform written and oral activities which are focused on using the language in various contexts.

Our methodology, combined with our exclusive materials, as well as our teachers’ mastery of the language, together pave the way to a secure and dynamic learning process of the Spanish language in a warm and friendly environment.
After completing their courses, students are able to complete an optional final exam in which all of the completed materials are tested. The grade received will appear in the students’ certificates. Those students who do not wish to take the final exam will receive certificates of attendance.

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